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Common reasons why thieves & intruders target your home

Here is a guide to help home owners get a better insight into the risk of your property being broken into and ransacked. You can then implement security preventative measures.

Lack of activity

Burglars and intruders do their homework and look for a number of signs which make the property an attractive target. These signs were indicated by:

  • Houses that appeared vacant or unoccupied.
  • Rubbish bins left outside on the curb.
  • No lights turned on inside the house in the evening.
  • No vehicles parked in the driveway.
  • An overflowing mailbox

Visibility & Attraction

Thieves often target high value homes which are more likely to have more expensive items they can steal. They look for:

  • Houses located in an affluent area
  • Houses that have an expensive car in the driveway
  • Any valuable items they can see in the yard or through a door or window

Perceived mistakes

Burglars identified key mistakes made by residents which made their homes a more appealing target. They included:

  • Doors/windows left open.
  • Minimal security.
  • Easy to enter backyards.
  • Detectable keys.
  • Fake security systems.

Successful deterrents

Surveyed burglars were asked what factors would deter them from attempting to break into a property. Here are their answers:

  • A barking dog.
  • A working alarm system.
  • Sensor lights on the outside of the property.
  • Lights on inside of the house.
  • Grilled windows/doors.
  • Visibility of the property from road
  • Gates

A good security system is your best defence

A lack of security measures around the property is one of the first thing burglars check for when choosing a target. Fake or poorly implemented security systems that could be easily disarmed were not seen as a successful deterrent.

So, if you’re serious bout protecting your family and your home, speak to our expert team at Peninsula Locksmith & Security – Moreton Bay. Call us on 07 3284 3928 to arrange a free consultation.   

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