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When it comes to home security, do you take unnecessary risks?

A third of people surveyed said they regularly leave a spare key outside their property. Unless your key is hidden in a secure location, you’re taking a big risk and inviting trouble. The common hiding spots, underneath the doormat, under a pot plant or on the windowsill, are very obvious places for burglars and intruders to look.  

Do you have packages couriered to your door?

More than half of the people surveyed said that they regularly allowed couriers to leave packages in plain sight outside their front door. That’s a bad idea, unfortunately more and more people are tempted to take the opportunity to snatch your packages right off your doormat. No breaking and entering your house required.

To prevent theft of your packages, it’s a good idea to choose the signed delivery option and collect your delivery from your local Post Office. Or if possible, have a trusted friend or neighbour accept the package on your behalf.

Home security

Two thirds of those surveyed, don’t have a working security system installed in their home. This could be attributed to the fact that many believe home security is an unnecessary or unaffordable expense. 20% of respondents said home security wasn’t needed because their neighbourhoods were safe.

While some neighbourhoods may be safer than others, no home or family is completely free from danger. Seasoned burglars are always looking for new neighbourhoods to target to ensure that they aren’t linked to multiple crimes in the one area.

Don’t take your home security for granted

Having your home burgled can be a traumatic experience, not to mention a costly one. While you can replace TV’s and other valuables, it’s impossible to replace personal belongings that have sentimental value.

Want to reduce the risk of your property being broken into? Take a proactive approach and request a security assessment of your home or business, by our expert staff at Peninsula Locksmith & Security – Moreton Bay. Call us on 07 3284 3928 to arrange a free booking.   

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