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Your Guide to Intercom Systems

If you think intercom systems are only for businesses, upmarket apartment buildings or luxury dwellings, think again. A home intercom is very much an affordable addition considering the benefits it offers, especially if you opt for a wireless system rather than a wired one, which is considerably cheaper. While there are purely audio intercoms as well as deluxe models with video, even the former traditional variety provide enough advantages to make them a sound investment. Let’s go through the list…

Improve Security

Whether it’s home security or at a workplace, the most obvious plus of an intercom system is being able to control who enters (and exits) through a set point. This means you are given plenty of warning when legitimate visitors arrive and that you don’t miss any important deliveries, but you are also able to deny access to suspicious people, hawkers and either ex-staff or current staff who shouldn’t be in that part of the business premises.

Are Highly Convenient

Being able to remotely unlock a door for the right individuals saves a lot of walking and physical door opening for the person manning the home intercom or business intercom. In a commercial setting, it ensures they experience only minimal interruption to their own job.

Help Create Restricted Areas

While intercom systems are usually employed in relation to exterior doors, as part of home security or business security, they can also be used within a workplace to create a special restricted area, e.g. around the pay office or perhaps a section where sensitive research and development is conducted. You might wish to set up the area so authorised employees can easily let each other in and out without the need for, say, a pass-key system.

Integrate with Other Devices

Intercom systems integrate well into existing home security/business security systems, complementing video surveillance and various alarms while also being linkable to your mobile phone. It could be said that they are a vital part of a complete security package.

Raise Property Value

There’s no denying that an intercom system adds value to a property. Furthermore, there are security-conscious buyers and renters who might not even consider a place that didn’t have an intercom! A home intercom ultimately pays for itself and, at the same time, gives all of the other benefits listed here.

Put Your Mind at Ease

If you’re concerned about safety and security, a home intercom is hard to beat. Forget about having to open the door blindly to a potential stranger. In fact, the mere presence of an intercom system – and the strong home security vibe it gives off – can be enough to deter someone who is up to no good.

Interested in an Intercom System?

Peninsula Locksmiths & Security can assist by both providing the product and performing an expert installation. A respected name across Redcliffe and the greater Moreton Bay region, we combine cutting-edge tech with first-class service. We also offer obligation-free quotes. You can phone us on (07) 4519 3130, email us at [email protected] or submit an enquiry via the form on this website.

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