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What to Do if You’ve Been Locked Out of Your Business

Just about everybody has accidentally locked themselves out of somewhere before. But when it is your place of business, the repercussions of being unable to open can be a lot more serious. So, if you find yourself in that unlucky situation – locked out of a shop, office, factory or other business site – just follow the checklist below in order to gain emergency access as soon as possible, with a minimum of fuss.

Stay Calm & Keep a Clear Head

Like we said, you’re not the first to lock themselves out of a workplace and you won’t be the last. Don’t compound the problem by losing your cool and making bad decisions. Calling Peninsula Locksmiths & Security to help you will make the process less painful and much quicker.  

Run Through the Obvious Solutions

  • Do you have a spare key at home?
  • Is there another employee with a key who can easily get to you? (Maybe you can pay them back if they’re ever locked out of your business.)
  • If your work property is a rental, and it’s during business hours, is there any landlord or real-estate agent you can contact to borrow their key?
  • Is there an unlocked window through which you may be able to gain emergency access to the building?

Contact a Professional

When you’re locked out of your business, there’s no spare key readily available and no safe alternate means of ingress, it’s time to contact an expert. Phone your trusted local locksmith and they will get you into your business. The time that this takes will depend on the nature of the lock, but they will ensure to be prompt and professional. Meanwhile…

Don’t Just Sit Around Waiting

Notify anyone who needs to know you have been locked out of your business, e.g. head office, fellow employees, suppliers, customers with appointments…

Once that’s done, organise what you can towards the day’s business while you wait for emergency access to the building. This could be anything from placing an order with a supplier to conducting a phone meeting. Calls you’d planned to make later in the week can be brought forward so as to minimise time wasted due to the accidental lockout.

Been Locked Out of Somewhere Accidentally?

For 24-hour emergency-access callouts, contact Peninsula Locksmiths & Security. A respected name across Redcliffe and the greater Moreton Bay region, we combine cutting-edge technology with first-class customer service. We also offer obligation-free quotes. You can phone us for a fast response on (07) 4519 3130, email us at [email protected] or submit an enquiry via the form on this website. Otherwise come into our showroom and workshop at 4 Gomersall Street, Redcliffe.

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