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Security Products and Services You Should Invest in This Year

There are many things in which home and business owners can invest money, but few provide the same overall level of benefit as improvements to a building’s security, which safeguard not only equipment/personal possessions but also the wellbeing of all of the people working/residing in the building. That being the case, we’ve put together a list of security products and services we think you should seriously consider in 2022.

Alarm System

While most would consider an alarm system essential for a house or office/shop/factory, others think because they’ve never had a break-in, they can go without one. Don’t make that mistake. The idea is to prevent unauthorised access, not to wait until it happens and then react. By then, it’s too late! It’s also worth upgrading several-year-old alarm systems before they let you down. Back-to-base building alarm monitoring is definitely a recommended service.

CCTV System

You can call out and ask who’s at the door and maybe you’ve can peer through a peephole. But nothing beats clearly seeing who’s coming and going from a remote position via a closed-circuit television system. Combined with recording functionality, this type of system can be an invaluable tool in cases where an incident needs to be investigated.

Intercom System

Intercoms are an excellent way to improve your building security. Forcing outsiders to identify themselves before being granted access allows you to keep out suspicious strangers. It also provides a user-friendly access control system to make life a little easier.

Keyless-Entry System

With one of these systems, you use a keypad or a fob instead of a physical key. This means criminals can’t enter the building with a stolen key or copy. You can have separate codes for different employees/residents as well as monitor their usage. Finally, a code or fob can be deleted when you no longer want that individual to be able to use it.

Master Key System

A restricted or master key system is about controlling (and recording) building access. They are tiered systems in which a single key – the master key – opens every door, keys on the level below open some doors, keys on the next level down open fewer doors, and so on. Each participant is given a key by the system owner that opens only the doors they legitimately need to open. These keys cannot be copied or duplicated by anyone, only through our business with the correct authorisation.

Fire & Security Safes

If you don’t have a safe on the premises you could be leaving yourself at risk, and if you do but it’s getting on in years, you should consider a service or even replacement if the size or level of protection is not right. There are many different size and shape home and office safes for protection against fire, theft or both.

Security Door/Window Locks

Not all window and door locks are created equal. Some don’t present much of a barrier to an experienced criminal and others might send them walking away. Even if you have a top-quality door lock, how are your window locks? If they’re unprotected and relatively easy to reach, the door locks become somewhat irrelevant. It’s time to think about security window locks.

Where to Get These Products and Services!

Peninsula Locksmiths & Security is a respected name among residential and commercial customers across Redcliffe and the greater Moreton Bay region. We combine cutting-edge technology with first-class customer service, offering free quotes (no obligation), security assessments and 24-hour emergency callouts. You can phone us on (07) 4519 3130, email us at [email protected] or submit an enquiry via the form on this website. Otherwise come check out shop at 4 Gomersall St, Redcliffe and meet our team. 

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