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Your Guide to Master Key Systems

Keyless entry isn’t for everyone, but at the same time, no-one wants to be overloaded with physical keys. The answer is a master key system. This is a tiered system in which a single key – the master key – opens everything. Keys on the level below that open some things. Keys on the level below that open less things. And so on until the final tier, where the keys might only open one door.

Here’s another way of thinking about it. Assume your business consists of four buildings. If you were using a master key system, the master key would open all four buildings and everything in them. Keys on the next tier might open only one building, but all of the rooms within it. Keys on the third tier might only open a room or two within a single building. There could be subsequent key levels as required.

Why Use a Master Key System?

The first reason for using a master key system is convenience. To return to our business example, as an employer, such a system allows you to give each employee a key that grants them access to every building and/or room appropriate to their position – and nothing more. There is then no need for complicate key-sharing arrangements and only one key to keep track of per employee, rather than a whole ring full.

The second reason is security. When using a master key system, you know exactly which areas each key-holder can access. Furthermore, there aren’t indeterminate numbers of certain keys floating around whose whereabouts are difficult for you to control. A person either still has their sole key or they don’t.

Who Can Cut a Master Key?

With a master key system, the key-cutting restrictions are usually the same as for a restricted key system, i.e. replacements can only be cut by the locksmith who created the original, and only with the proper authorisation. Obviously, this adds an additional layer of security, with you as the owner of the system knowing whenever a new key is made.

Are Master Key Systems Expensive?

Not in the long term. If you’re replacing an existing suite of locks and keys, then clearly there will be an initial cost. However, master key systems are probably more popular than you realise, which means there are plenty of options available and security firms are very experienced in installing them. The number of tiers you want in your system is a factor – and it’s not unlimited. At the end of the day, though, a master key system pays for itself in added convenience, boosted security and reduction in key replacements due to people only having to look after a single key not several.

Ready to Switch to a Master Key System?

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