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Everything You Need to Know About Restricted Key Systems

None of us would like to think that there are more copies of the keys to our homes, rental properties or businesses than we can keep track of, or – even worse – that there are extra copies floating around we don’t even know about. One way to prevent this sort of situation from ever occurring is by using a restricted key system. These setups are based around special keys that can only be requested or duplicated by designated people. A quality locksmithing service such as the greater Moreton Bay region’s Peninsula Locksmith & Security will be happy to set up a restricted key system for your house, apartment or commercial building.

Who Can Copy a Restricted Key?

Only the locksmith responsible for the original key(s) in the restricted key system can make duplicates. So, for example, if Peninsula Locksmith & Security had set up one of these systems for your house in Redcliffe, then only they would be able to make a duplicate key (or keys) in the future. Restricted keys are clearly marked and it is illegal for another locksmith to copy them. What’s more, they are designed in such a way as to stop criminals from doing so, either.

Who Can Request a Restricted Key?

Only the owner of a particular restricted key system can authorise another copy of a key within that system to be made. They will have been provided with paperwork to show it is their system. The locksmith will need to verify that the rightful owner is requesting a restricted key before they agree to make the copy. This is especially useful in the case of rental properties, where there can be a series of different tenants and it could otherwise be extremely difficult to keep track of all keys in existence.

Are Restricted Key Systems Expensive?

No, restricted key systems are comparatively inexpensive for the benefits they provide. With one in place, it’s much easier to be sure that there are no keys unaccounted for and no unauthorised duplicates. A restricted key system adds a layer of security to the building in question, while giving the owner peace of mind. We previously mentioned the special design that prevents them from being copied by unscrupulous parties. Along with this, the actual locks in this type of system are of a high quality, offering greater than normal security against lockpicking.

How Can I Get a Restricted Key System?

Talk to the experts at Peninsula Locksmith & Security! Serving residential and commercial customers across the greater Moreton Bay region, we combine cutting-edge technology with first-class customer service. We also offer free quotes (no obligation), security assessments and are equipped to handle 24-hour emergency callouts. You can phone us on (07) 4519 3130 or submit an online enquiry via the form on our website. We’d be only too happy to answer your questions about restricted key systems or any of the many other services we offer.

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