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The Facts About a Safe Installation & What to Do if You Forget the Combination

Thinking of installing a safe in your home or workplace? Wondering what you’ll do if you forget the combination? Read on as we list key facts related to safes and combinations.

Fact 1: Some Safes are More Suitable Than Others

Safes can vary greatly in the sturdiness of their construction, the quality of their locking mechanism and the level of fire protection that they offer. Your choice of safe should be based on what you are primarily wanting to safeguard – whether that be paper documents, coins and jewellery, computer media or something else. A locksmith can advise you on the best safe for the job. You might also need to choose between a mechanical or electronic lock, which will likely come down to personal preference. One thing you can be confident of is that a reputable security firm will only sell high-grade safes.

Fact 2: Some Locations are Better Than Others

Safes can be set into or bolted onto walls or flooring. Obviously, the type/size/weight of your chosen safe will be a major factor here. There’s also the matter of where in the building to place the thing. It needs to be accessible for you – with sufficient light and space to both enter the combination and open the door wide – while not being too easy for a burglar to spot. A security professional will be able to suggest possible strong anchor points that aren’t among the first places a thief will look.

Fact 3: You Should Leave the Installation to an Expert

While a lot of safes come with pre-drilled holes for securing, as well as installation instructions, unless you have the necessary DIY skills, tools and awareness of the many little dos and don’ts associated with safe installation, you should probably leave this job to an expert. Ask yourself whether the intended contents of the safe are worth risking for the sake of an installation fee – chances are, you’ll be forced to admit that they aren’t!

Fact 4: A Lost Safe Combination Isn’t the End of the World

If you’ve forgotten the combination to your trusty safe and don’t have it secretly recorded anywhere, don’t panic! You still have several options. Firstly, you may have received an override key or code when your first purchased the safe. These can be used to gain access again. Secondly, some safes have an out-of-the-way reset switch which will allow you to set a new combination. If you can’t find the override key/code or reset switch, or they don’t appear to be working, it’s time to call a locksmith. They have a lot of know-how and access to resources you don’t, and should be able to rectify the problem without having to resort to damaging the safe.

Want to Know More About Safes and Safe Services?

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