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The Benefits of Opting for Keyless Entry

Keyless home entry is already very popular in some other countries, e.g. South Korea, but still growing in acceptance here in Australia. There are a number of advantages of opting for keyless entry over traditional physical keys, as we’ll outline below. If you decide after reading that you’re interested in putting a keyless-entry system in your house or apartment (or workplace), talk to your trusted security firm. And don’t worry about not knowing how to operate a keyless-entry door lock, because as well as installing it, the locksmith will show you exactly how to use it.

Keyless Entry is Convenient!

“Hang on, I’ll just find my key.” How many times have you heard a person say that before searching their pockets and bags for the next two minutes? With keyless entry, this sort of situation never occurs. You enter the code, the door opens and you’re inside quickly, every time. Keyless entry also gets around the problems of poor light where it’s hard to see what you’re doing with a physical key, and where you are suffering physical issues relating to strength or dexterity and may struggle to use a traditional key and keyhole.

Keyless Entry Adds Security!

With keyless entry, you can’t lose your “key”, since it’s a code. Nor can someone gain access to the building with a stolen or copied physical key. Days of leaving a key underneath a potted plant for a friend or relative are also a thing of the past. With a keyless-entry system, you can have separate codes for different family members (or employees) and even one-off codes for visitors. Furthermore, you can monitor who is entering/leaving and when. Forget the hassle of changing the lock when you want to ensure a certain person no longer has access via that door – simply delete their code.

Keyless Entry Pays for Itself in the Long Run!

While there’s obviously a setup cost involved with a keyless-entry system, it is likely to save you a lot of money in the years following. For example, every time you don’t accidentally lock yourself out and need to call in outside help. Every time you don’t have to get a new or replacement key cut. Every time you aren’t forced to change the door lock for security reasons. In fact, every time you enter your home or business quickly and without the bother of hunting for a physical key or struggling to operate a physical lock. With keyless entry, you have one less thing to carry and one less – big – thing to worry about.

Ready to Switch to Keyless Entry?

Talk to the experts at Peninsula Locksmith & Security! Serving residential and commercial customers across Redcliffe and the greater Moreton Bay region, we combine cutting-edge technology with first-class customer service. We also offer free quotes (no obligation), security assessments and are equipped to handle 24-hour emergency callouts. You can phone us on (07) 4519 3130 or submit an online enquiry via the form on our website.

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