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Our 24-Hour Locksmith Service Explained

At Peninsula Locksmiths & Security, one of the many services we offer – and, for a lot of customers who find themselves in a fix, the most important – is an after-hours locksmith service. If you’re based in Redcliffe or the greater Moreton Bay region and require an emergency locksmith, we can help. Hopefully you won’t find yourself unexpectedly locked out too often, but in case it does happen, here’s a more detailed rundown on how our 24-hour locksmith service works…

What Situations Does Our After-Hours Locksmith Service Cover?

The short answer is just about everything! Whether you’ve been accidentally locked out of your home, your business or your motor vehicle at an inconvenient time, our expert technician will be able to assist you in gaining access in as safe and efficient a manner as possible. We want your bad day/night to start getting better as soon as our emergency locksmith arrives!

What Information Should I Provide When I Call?

Besides the obvious info such as your personal details (including proof of ownership) and exact location, if it’s a motor vehicle that you’re locked out of, it’s always handy if you can supply us with the correct make and model number. For buildings, though, it may not be as simple as saying, “It’s a 2010 Ford Falcon XT,” or whatever. However, if you can clearly describe stuff like the number and brand of locks (the brand logo is often printed on them) and the type of door handle, that can be useful knowledge for the 24-hour locksmith to have in advance.

What Will the After-Hours Locksmith Do When They Arrive?

The highly trained technician will assess the situation, then come up with the most efficient and best-value solution to the lockout. Our emergency locksmith isn’t just there to open a door quickly and leave, they want to provide you with peace of mind that the problem has now been solved. We are not some fly-by-night operation looking to make a fast buck from others’ misfortune, we want to create satisfied clients who will return to us in the future for other security requirements, e.g. alarms, intercoms or access-control systems.

Why You Can Trust Our 24-Hour Locksmith Service

We are a well-established firm who know the area well and have successfully dealt with countless after-hours locksmith calls. Because we also install and replace just about every sort of home/business security equipment you can name, our emergency locksmiths don’t just have a few tricks for opening doors – they fully understand the tech involved.

Who We Are and How to Get in Touch

Peninsula Locksmiths & Security is a respected name across Redcliffe and the greater Moreton Bay region. We combine cutting-edge technology with first-class service that covers a wide range of different security needs. We’re happy to answer any customer questions up front and also offer obligation-free quotes. You can phone us on (07) 4519 3130, email us at [email protected] or submit an enquiry via the form on this site.

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