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Building Security Solutions by Professional Locksmiths

Locksmiths do more than just arrive quickly to open your front door when you’ve misplaced the key or accidentally locked yourself outside. A lot more. In fact, these days, quality locksmiths such as Peninsula Locksmiths & Security offer a wide range of goods and services, some which may surprise you…

Providing 24-Hour Emergency Callouts

As mentioned in the introduction, locksmiths are certainly most famous for coming to the rescue when there’s a lock that desperately has to be opened. We’re not just talking house/apartment door locks, though. Locksmiths will help business owners unable to gain entry to their place of business. As well as wooden and screen doors, they are able to unlock sliding glass doors and windows, padlocks (which have actually been around in some form since ancient times!) and all sorts of vehicles.

Assessing the Security of Your Building

If you’re concerned about your level of home security (or building security at a factory, office, etc.), a quality locksmith can confidently examine the site and give you their expert opinion on what is missing/lacking, recommending the optimum security system for your situation and budget. At Peninsula, we offer this type of professional assessment as a no-obligation service.

Repairing Existing Locks

Securing a premises obviously involves addressing weak points as soon as they appear, so if you simply want a lock repaired quickly to get you back to normal operation, a locksmith is the person for the job.

Upgrading Old Locks

However…for those wishing to upgrade their home security or other building security – perhaps based on advice received during a security assessment – then your friendly local locksmith will be happy to replace worn or outdated current locks with more advanced and effective models.

Incidentally, security-conscientious home-owners, especially those building new houses/apartments, will find some useful general tips in the “Exterior Design” and “Home Design” sections of this government webpage.

Installing and Monitoring Alarm Systems

Alarm systems remain a fantastic way to boost your building security. Your locksmith can recommend a model, professionally install it and even support the system with back-to-base monitoring if you so desire.

Installing Intercom and/or CCTV Systems

Similarly, locksmiths are able to fit your abode/workplace with an intercom or CCTV system, to allow monitoring of entrances/exits/gate points/key spaces, and to introduce the additional security of voice verification. “If I don’t recognise you or your stated reason for being here, I’m not opening the door!”

Installing Keyless Entry Systems, etc.

Keyless entry systems, master-key systems and the like are also excellent ways to enhance home security (and building security). Chat to your locksmith about what’s available and how it might be best employed in your building.

Selling and Servicing Safes

Another area where locksmiths are highly knowledgeable and experienced is safes. If you require a model recommendation, want one installed, or need an existing safe serviced or repaired in some way, definitely speak to your trusted locksmith. When securing a premises, you should never focus solely on the perimeter while ignoring internal aspects such as safes.

For Expert Assistance with Home Security and More…

Talk to Peninsula Locksmiths & Security. A respected name across the Moreton Bay region, we combine cutting-edge technology with first-class service. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have and offer obligation-free quotes. Phone (07) 4519 3130, email [email protected] or use this form.

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