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What Sorts of Keys Can a Locksmith Cut?

If someone mentions that they are visiting their local locksmith to have a key cut, most people inevitably picture a traditional brass house key. However, the reality is that locksmiths do key cutting, key repair and key replacement for a wide variety of keys right up to high-tech modern equivalents and relating to far more applications than just front doors. The purpose of this blog entry, then, is to inform/remind readers just how many different keys a locksmith can cut.

Building Keys

While it’s probably true that most of the building keys cut by a professional locksmith are for wooden entrance doors or wire security doors, these experts can also produce replacement keys to fit lockable windows, garage roller doors, standalone sheds or storage lockers, padlocks and just about any other area of or securable container within your home/office/store/factory. (But obviously subject to the applicable guidelines if you are a renting the premises.)

Vehicle Keys

If you’ve never been unlucky enough to lose, damage or break the key to your car, you might not be aware that a quality locksmith such as Peninsula Locksmiths & Security is equally capable of dealing with those as they are building keys. This also applies to vehicle locking systems which use a remote (see the relevant section below).

Master Keys

Those unfamiliar with the concept of a master-key system should definitely check out our earlier rundown on the topic. As a form of “restricted key”, a master key must be cut by the locksmith who was the original creator AND with the authorisation of the owner of that particular system. If you always use the same trusted locksmith and are the person in charge of the building, then this isn’t going to be a problem at all, and the restricted key cutting will ensure the extra level of security provided by your master key is maintained.

Remotes/Contact Keys/Smart Cards

So, here’s what surprises some people the most: a good locksmith can absolutely make new key equivalents for electronic locks. While the processes involved for the various devices will differ, the technician will clearly explain to you what options are available in your situation, then carry out whichever one you choose. In short, don’t panic if something happens to your vehicle remote or building smart card (or you suddenly realise you need an extra copy) – call your trusted locksmithing firm and they’ll sort it out.

For Key Cutting, Key Repair, Key Replacement and Much More!

Talk to Peninsula Locksmiths & Security. A respected name across the Moreton Bay region, we combine the very latest technology with first-class service. We’re able to cut, repair or replace ALL of the key types mentioned in this article, and are happy to answer any questions you might have on the subject. We also offer obligation-free quotes and can perform a professional security assessment your home. To get in touch, please phone 07 3284 3928, email [email protected] or use this form.

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